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Simple Question: Favorite Prodigy Track, Aspect You Love Most About The Band, Prodigy Concert Story If Any & #1 Hope For The Upcoming Record?

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The Prodigy are by far and away my favourite electronic artist, **ever**. TDIME is my unequivocal number 1 of their oeuvre, and it murdered me to decide but the title track is my absolute favourite Prodigy track (Roadblox and Rockweiller extremely close behind). Love most about the band is the dynamic between the three, how much they feed off each other, their presence on stage, how insanely wild they can get while still having a sense of pacing themselves — and each man’s inimitable style (Keith’s extreme, boisterous cockney accent, Maxim’s Shrieks, Liam’s pummelling beats). Sadly haven’t seen them yet (come to Australia in 2018!) #1 hope for the new record is just filthy, grimy, dirty yet fuckin enormous and focused blast beast rave-fuckery of the most righteous strain. Fuck yeah. Keen to hear people’s thoughts!

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