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just discovered this sub, wanted to extend some words.

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i only got into the prodigy recently – like, two weeks ago – for real, but i guess you could say i first heard them when i was 14 or so – invaders must die in the scott pilgrim vs the world trailer, which rapidly became one of my favourite movies and favourite song. being young, i didn’t have the foresight to check them out past that, which i kind of regret looking back.

but – like i said, i recently got into them on a hardcore level. growing up, i got very into industrial rock, and techno was a natural offshoot of my interests – the heavy bpm, the thudding rhythm, the ear-breaking samples and effects. the prodigy crossed my spotify playlists many times, and when i first heard breathe i wanted to tear my room apart (i also thought they were all very handsome, which probably added to my interest…) i think i’ve combed the internet for as many old fansites and interviews and photos as i can find, and i’m charmed by how lovely keith, liam, maxim, and leeroy were. their interviews are hilarious, crass, smart, determined, and show a lot of depth to a group that became the face of a scene that was labelled as shallow by outsiders. and yes, i have a collection of favourite moments from interviews.

i heard the news of keith’s passing through twitter this year. i didn’t think much of it, as i didn’t really know who the prodigy were at the time. recently, i’ve been struggling to process his death – it’s silly, as i feel like i’m so late in experiencing this grief. i am so sorry to longtime fans who had to experience this. i can’t imagine what it was like. i think knowing that he was so sweet and gentle hurts, because nobody that kind deserves to be in such pain. often the only way i can comfort myself is by reminding myself that he’s not suffering anymore.

but on that – i wanted to say how beautiful you all are as fans. i went through the top all time posts on this sub, and the amount of posts looking out for others, informing them of helplines, asking how everyone was, asking to share stories, and basically just turning this sub into a support group is so, so heartwarming. the prodigy are so incredibly lucky to have fans as caring and passionate as you guys.

i feel that even though keith has passed, the spirit of the prodigy will never truly die. i for one am determined to keep it alive. i think we should all live in the way that the band would want us to – as unapologetically and as uniquely as possible. that, in my opinion, is the best way to keep the rave alive.

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